Why Parcel Insurance From an Independent Company is Better than the Carrier’s Insurance

If you run a business that ships your product to its customers, such as an e-commerce business, you understand how important it is to get your merchandise from Point A to Point B without a hitch. Nothing angers your customers more than receiving their package damaged, receiving it with items missing from the inside or not receiving it all. You need parcel insurance, and you shouldn’t rely on the insurance figured into your costs by your carriers. Here is why.

Provides a More Personalized Experience

Shipping companies are in the business to make money through their transit services, not through insurance coverage. Consequently, this part of their service is oftentimes difficult to understand. In fact, you may not even know whether your packages are insured and, if so, by how much. If your business relies on shipping its merchandise, you need to work with a company that specializes in insuring your packages. This gives you a more personalized experience that meets all of your needs. You’ll have insurance packages from which to choose that provide you optimal coverage at minimal cost.

Provides Better Coverage

When you can tailor your parcel insurance to your exact needs, you get better coverage. You are able to ensure that your insurance is enough to handle any claim. If you sell high-end or specialty products, it is particularly important to make certain your goods are protected until the customer leaves that five-star review online. You cannot risk a loss to your pocketbook. Carrier insurance will only cover you to a certain extent, if at all. As such, it behooves you to make certain you have all the protection you need.

Streamlines Claim Processes

Should something happen, and inevitably it will, if you file a claim under the carrier’s insurance, you are not only looking at mounds of paperwork to fill out but also a four-to-six week claims processing period. Your customer is not going to wait that long, and neither should you. If you ship new product on your own dime, you won’t recover the hit to your bottom line for this duration. When you insure your packages through an independent carrier, you’ll have a speedy claims process, sometimes in as little as a week.

Keeps Customers Happy

This keeps your customers happy. When you receive the angry phone call or email, the customer will respond much better to a reply that you’ll resolve the issue immediately rather than in four to six weeks. Considering online reviews can force a business to close its doors, it’s crucial that you keep your customers thrilled with your service, even if something does go wrong during transit. Don’t assume that your carrier is the best and you’ll never have an issue. Eventually, something will happen.

You opened your business because you love what you do. You have a passion for the product you sell. Protect it and your operation by securing independent parcel insurance for all of your packages. When you work with an insurance provider, you and your customers will receive the better service and coverage you both deserve.